RV Solar


900 watt solar system installed on my RV

There are two big misconeptions in the RV world about solar.  One is that you must use RV Solar Panels and the Second is that you must wire in parallel due to shading.  Both these statements are big mistakes that will cost you loss dollars and reduced performance.

RV Solar

Three 300 watt home pannels


I mounted 3x 300 watt home panels on the bus.  Mount the panels high to avoid shading & reduce heat as they will vent better.  These panels are rated at 44.89 VOC & 8.72 ISC.  The max charge is 62.5 amps at 14.4 volts on paper.

High voltage DC from the panels


These large home units have higher voltages, amperage, and more bypass diodes than RV  pandels.  Here I'm getting 120.77 volts DC to the controller.  Max current draw rom the panels is around 9 amps so 14ga wire is more than sufficient to feed the controller.

MPPT controller performs charging


Here the Midnite controller is receiving 97.3vDC from the panels and putting out 13.0vDC at 41.5a to the 675ah Trojan battery bank.  It's in "bulk" mode.  I choose Midnite due to their specs on handling large input voltages and high output currents.

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