1978 Wanderlodge


78FC35SB - '78 Forward Control 35' Side Bath

Back in 1978 Blue Bird Wanderlodge division created all steel motorhomes from school buses.  This one cost $100,000 then and was considered the best on the road.  These are tanks and will outlast most of us if properly cared for.  Once you drive a solid steel bus you'll never be content in a "stick-n-staple" coach.  This one comes with a 3208 CAT mated to a 4sp auto tranny MT643 Allison.

'63 Blue Bird Bus Conversion


The Freedom Bus

This was my 1st conversion.  It was a 1963 Blue Bird school bus with a GMC 401 v6 gas engine and a Spicer 5sp tranny.  Later I replaced that with an Olds 455 and a Turbo 400 tranny with a 2sp rear-end.  I then purchased  a CAT 3208 to replace that engine but that project never panned out.  It was a very fun project that mutated over the years and was a very good learning experience.  As the name implies it gave us "Freedom" from our hectic lives and we escaped to all kinds of destinations.