Off Road Fun with Sand Rails & Jeeps

Exploring Arizona


I love the versitility of the VW Sand rail.  Here my old 1641 sand rail is used to check out the back roads less travelled.

Forgotten Sites


Slap on some off road tires, hit the streets or check out the scenic drives Arizona has to offer.

2276 VW mid-engine Hi-Jumper


The 2276 stroker VW was an awesome sand rail.  Just under 200hp this sucker would simply go where ever you pointed it.  However, very uncomfortable for us "larger" folks so sold it to work other projects.

Beautiful Scenery


With plenty of ground clearance, a good sized storage box, and an urge to explore it sure makes for a perfect day!

Sand Dunes


I took out the Jeep and tried out the sand  dunes.  I was surprised how well the jeep performed in the soft sand



The '82 CJ5 with lockers front and rear really impressed me.  Although slow, it seems to handle any environment.