Scuba Trips


Bonaire is simpy beautiful.  This trip is the best bang-4-buck scuba trip we take.  The island is located near  Aruba but without all the tourist.

March 2011 - Bonaire Netherlands Antilles


Visability is typically great.  Lot's of lyon fish have migrated down here, but it's open season on them so hopefully the population will balance.


Bonaire is unique in that there is a double reef off the shoreline only 100' away.  We have unlimited tanks for a week plus a rental truck.  You will get a work out and fill up that log book here!

Scuba Trips


After a hard days diving you need to decompress.  We took a jungle tour which included a mud bath and here we're in clean up mode trying to get all the mud off

November 2007 - Costa Rica


The villa we stayed in was on the side of a mountain that overlooked the ocean.


The stay was all inclusive including drinks.  Not only did we over indulge but the lobster Thanksgiving was wonderful!  Grilled lobster instead of turkey, I think that should be our new tradition!

Scuba Trips


My parents retired and sailed around the East coast and the Carribian for many years.  i'd love to join them on their 47' Catalina and go scuba diving.  This was their second boat, "Gypsy Wind II".  Port Lucia was beatiful and I visited as often as I could.

March 2006 - Freeport Bahama


The water is so clear in the Bahamas you consistenly have 100'+ visibiliy.  The reef was just off shore with plenty of things to investigate.


I went on a shark dive, no not the ones in the cage, these are just open water shark dives.  Enjoy the pics below.

Scuba Trips


San Carlos is a fun mini trip you can take over a 3 day weekend.  It's not to far away and not to expensive.  Del Mar offers many trips per year here and a chartered bus takes you down.

October 2005 - San Carlos Mexico


Their equipment and experience are both above average.  The staff is very professional and the entire experience was nice.  For around $500 you get a room, transportation, and diving.


At San Carlos the seal dive is the most popular.  While you explore around you get inspected by the local seal population.  They are so fast and playful.

Scuba Trips


From the capital city of Caracas we took a 3hr 177km bus ride to La Boca, a small fishing village where we stayed at the Posada Eco Lodge in El Playon Bay.  From there ponga boats took us to La Cienaga bay to secluded bungalos only accessable by ponga boat.

Here is a picture of of the sunset at a wild-life park we visited.  We stayed at the Sarari House and I ran into Joan Cusak there on vacation.

March 2005 - La Boca Venezuela


This was the breakfast nook area under the trees.  All the meals were prepared for us and even delivered to the dive boats via pongas.  There were bungalos on both sides of the bay and ponga boats would trasport the couples to and from the main general sleeping area.  The entire setup, experience was very nice.


The bungalo sits up on stilts about 3' off the ground with water trays at the base of the stairs to clean sand off your feet before entering.  The windows had storm doors that opened to reviel the screened view.  Oscillating fans were screwed to the beams over your bed to keep you cool and free of misquitos.  It had a half dozen 500 gallon storage tanks for fresh water & a generator for the limited electrical power.